Thursday, May 21, 2015

Making money online is very possible. You are interested then you can sneak the below 10 ideas:

1. Online Retailer: Start with your own site. It is very easy to start your own retail store online now. There are so many shopping carts or e-commerce software available for purchase with very cheap price.

2. Web Designer: Require your special skills related to this section. You need to have knowledge about HTML or other source code related to web design.

3. Affiliate Marketing: It is quite similar to online retailer where you sell products while receiving a portion of percentage back to your own pocket. It is better to have website so that you can post the products on your own.

4. Content Writer: It is very common for native English speaker to write contents about whatever the customer request. The article should be around 400-1000 depending on the order.

5. Freelancer: is one of the post popular places where freelancers find their home. By sign up there, you can complete the order and get the money.

6. Google Adsense: To make money with Google Adsense, you need to have your own blog or website. You may start with where you get everything for free including the URL and web hosting. However it is quite hard to get approve by Google now since it requires a good web site with rich contents.

7. Buy and sell domain: It was very popular business during the 90s. Buy domain name with cheap price then sell it back with higher price.

8. Make money with YouTube: is the top video sites now. Many people now choose to watch video rather than reading now. It is the best chance for everyone to start this business.

 9. Consultant: It is about ask and answer service. If you are a doctor or specialize in any skill, you can provide the service by answer to the question. It is paid answer.

10. eBay: It is about buying something locally cheap then sell them on eBay with higher price. You may not need one thing but other might need it.

The company letterhead is very important. The best way to do it is to keep it clean and detail enough for the customers get the information of your business. The following are the company letterhead samples of different type of business.

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